totally risk free service and no minimum order

Kieran Laxen (Managing Director)



Why you should buy from us? 

Firstly and most importantly, we have a great reputation and loads of our customs come back for repeat orders so we must be doing something right!

Choosing to buy through us provides you with a totally risk free service and we have no minimum order, unlike many other companies.  We can make  anything from 1 pair to 100,000 pairs!

Most suppliers have minimum order quantities in the 100s or 1000s. We have no minimum order quantity.

As we are based in the UK (we also have a factory in the Far East), we can very easily communicate with you either by email or telephone, ultimately making the whole process a lot more time efficient. This eliminates any language barrier and problems that arise from the time difference. Our design team will advise you on options you might not have thought of so you can get incredible flip flops.

We experience many customers that go to factories in China or India first and then at later dates come to us. We never discourage trying to save a few pennies but we often have people that say they wished they’d used us from the start.

Although some companies may seem cheaper to begin with, often, companies (particularly in China and India) will give a very competitive base price for the flip flops and quote “Free on Board” shipping. This method of shipping just means that once the flip flops arrive in your country you are sent a bill and you pay for the shipping at extortionately high prices and lots of hidden fees which you can’t question, on top of this you then need to add duty, import charges and VAT. The overall cost of the flip flop ends up being twice as expensive as you first thought.  Not ideal if you’re trying to plan and budget based on the costs you’ve initially been quoted.

As a heads up, if prices on wholesale sites for China and India factories look too good to be true then they are. Flip flops of prices less than $1.80 based on 1000 pairs are unrealistic. When you ask for flip flops of havaianas quality (as almost all our clients do) companies in China will tell you what you want to hear to get your business, normally the quality is completely different to havaianas, they will be selling you plastic or foam (PE/PU/EVA/PVC) flip flops which havaianas don’t do. They sometimes send you samples which will be much better quality than the ones they make for you and you will have to pay upfront for everything. There are often issues with communication and although you think you’re being 100% clear, you may end up with something completely different to what you asked for because many factories don’t want to stop production to ask for your clarification and they just make decisions for you. If, once you receive them, you have any questions you almost always won’t be able to do anything about it. If you’re lucky and they do correct their mistakes you will have to pay for the shipping a second time (remember the shipping is 50% of the cost of the flip flop if importing from China or India).

Compared to that we provide you with an all-inclusive price, with no hidden costs. In the end our price is often better value. We provide a service which a) gets things right first time round and b) if there are issues due to production faults etc we will get them remade and reshipped at our cost. We keep track of your orders and where possible send you photos of your flip flops as they are being made so you can see them as early as possible.  We also help advise you on the best options rather than factories who don’t make suggestions.

We charge what the flip flops actually cost so our prices are a fair price for you to get flip flops that you love and that you can use and we know you’ll reorder from us.

Overall, sometime people are lucky and we never discourage people from trying to save costs but generally people come back to us. Often things go wrong if you go to factories in China or India in particular if you’re ordering a small number of flip flops (in the world of sourcing flip flops from China or India 1000 pairs is a small order).  The only way to avoid the issues would be to go out to china and oversea it which would put your costs up. 

Anyway, we are experts in the production of flip flops and are here to help and we’re more than happy to provide a like for like quote compared with quotes you may have from factories in China or India, we just ask you to specify exactly what they have.


The Createflipflops team 


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